Outside These Walls

outside these walls

Achieving nirvana in a monogamous relationship is difficult even with the perfect partner. But what if it should be polyamorous?

When sudden devastation befalls Kate and Pete with the death of their soulmate, Deb, pain and ruin overtake their lives. Forsaking her and their life of Eden, the survivors agree to lock away her memory and the life that bewitched them. But after twenty-five years of living a life that Kate describes as purgatory, she calls for an end to their silence and misery.

Months later, history begins to repeat itself when the lives of Kate and Pete’s seventeen-year-old son, Jason, and classmates, Jen and Lis, collide. Jason, a nerdish recluse and social outcast with castle walls high enough to protect himself from the world who derides him, reluctantly agrees to tutor his A-list classmates. Vying for the top spot amongst their school’s elite as future hive queens, the girls are held captive by their bigotry and the façade they choose to wear.

But when daily tutoring sessions force Jason to lower his drawbridge, Jen and Lis not only discover a knight in shining armor, they also find themselves immersed in the enigma that shrouds the adults’ past. Will history entirely repeat itself? If unraveling the mystery to the nameless and unthinkable is in their future, they must all rely on each other to escape the walls of isolation that imprison them.

Outside These Walls is an unconventional story from an unconventional author. It fits no specific genre. Some would call it literary fiction, but it’s an easy read without endless descriptive prose. It has a meaningful plot and story, but metaphors and similes abound. It could be considered a mystery, but it’s not a whodunit. It has many of the elements present in a romance novel, but it’s unorthodox in method and style. It also possesses many components of urban fantasy, but there is no single protagonist or familiar tropes. But like any good fairytale, an ending that will leave the reader satisfied.

This story is all about the characters and their journey through the mystifying circumstances in which they find themselves. It’s told through the eyes, senses, and emotions of the six main characters as they navigate their way to find the answer to a simple question: what would it be like to be naked on the inside, transparent? Could you give someone unfettered access to your thoughts, past and present? No secrets.

To discover the answer, six characters must traverse a minefield of human emotions. They must also face their fears with courage, find forgiveness in their guilt, and set aside their grief to experience nirvana. It’s easy. All they have to do is say yes.

Content Warning: This book contains strong language, an instance of assault, nudity, alcohol use, the admission of consensual sex between minors, and scenes with explicit sexual dialogue. Read with care.

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