John Richmon


John’s writing journey began with a thought-provoking question: What would it be like to be truly naked—not only without clothes but transparent in every aspect? This reflection sparked his first novel, Outside These Walls, inspired by a lifetime of experiences.
Raised just thirty minutes southeast of where his debut novel unfolds, John has navigated the highs of a successful twenty-five-year marriage and the lows of a twenty-one-year failed one. These experiences imbue his writing with a sense of authenticity and emotional depth.
After retiring from a career as a project manager specializing in submarine refueling and overhaul, John turned his focus to writing. With nine granddaughters and one grandson, he saw young adult fiction as the perfect medium to impart wisdom and explore the human condition, a theme central to all his works.
Beyond his novels, John boasts a diverse array of interests—from coaching soccer to embarking on entrepreneurial ventures. In the early days of e-books, he authored Vending Secrets Revealed. Now residing near Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife and cat, John spends his days not only writing but also cooking in the kitchen or tracing lineage on His life, rich with varied interests and experiences, fuels his storytelling, each tale woven with the threads of his vibrant journey.