The Heartseer Codex: Fantasy or Reality

“I don’t need therapy, Dad. I’m an artist with a vivid imagination. That’s not something that needs fixing.”
Seventeen-year-old troubled artist Emily Reynolds feels suffocated, ensnared between her vibrant imagination and stifling real-world expectations. More than anything, she fears losing her authentic self as others try to squeeze her into their molds.
After stumbling across an old photo of her and her grandmother, Emily feels compelled to follow its clues, leading to the discovery of the Heartseer Codex, an ancient tome adorned with six symbols. Sensing her distress, the Heartseer catapults Emily to the realm of an enigmatic Caretaker.
By means of a portal, Emily flees the present for her romantic notions of 1948 Boulder. Her only means to return is to desire it with as much passion as when she fled 2005. With little more than her sketchbook and some pencils, Emily must navigate unfamiliar surroundings and their harsh realities.
Rising from the depths of despair to a celebrated hero, Emily’s journey through 1948 reshapes her from an outcast to a beloved figure—until the Caretaker brings news of a family crisis. Thrust back into the echoes of a life she hoped to leave behind, Emily stands before the Heartseer’s judgment: can she harness the compassion that Boulder awakened in her to navigate her way to the past she loathed?

Conceptual Cover Design