Sweet Foods – Probably salty’s closest cousin

Sweet foods

What is it about sweet stuff? Sweet foods … who doesn’t like something sweet from time to time? Actually, me. Rarely do I seek out something sweet. Not always the case but moving on. I previously talked about the five tastes, six if we throw in spicy. So today, I want to start on a […]

Cook With All Five Senses – It’s what the pros do

Cooking with all of your senses

In my last lesson, I focused on taste because it’s the most important, and because there is so much to that world that needs exploring. With that said, we must not forget that we have four other senses unless you’re Kate, a character in my book, Outside These Walls. She’s thought to have psychic powers. But […]

Taste Cooking – Tasting your way to dishes that soar

Sweet and Sour Pork

Taste Cooking: Using Your Taste Buds So far, all I’ve written about is something about taste, and today will be no exception as I talk about taste cooking. What do I mean? It’s simply tasting as you go. Cooking up dishes that your family will rave about is in the art and skill of balancing […]

Savory Recipes – Cooking on one end of the taste spectrum

Savory pizza

What exactly are savory recipes? Well, this pizza is a good example of savory recipes. Yes, I should have put more color on the crust, and I have no idea why I didn’t. Such is the life of a home cook. But I don’t think I would exercise such poor judgement today. Even so, I […]