The Taste of Bitter – Eating what’s good for you

taste of bitter

As a general rule, I think we humans don’t care for the taste of bitter. My personal exception is black coffee. I can’t stand it all doctored up with sugar and cream. Consequently, many of us avoid bitter foods. The problem with avoidance is that many bitter foods are good for us.

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I’m not as much a health fanatic as I am a foodie. But with that said, I do have a medical condition that requires me to at least pay attention to my diet. And as it turns out, bitter foods are good for us.

So, for this post, I decided to show you some bitter foods that should probably be in our diet, and then give you the ways to balance things out to take them from bitter to delightful. I invite you to check out this article.

Healthy but bitter foods

The taste of bitter – who knew?

I’ll admit. I didn’t know the health benefits before researching for this article. But now we all know. So the question becomes, how do we choke them down? I may be the odd duck, because foods like broccoli and brussels sprouts are not offensive or off-putting to me. But then, I’ve never attempted to eat them plain.

With today’s featured article comes some suggestions on how to tame bitter foods. If you are one of the ones who don’t care for broccoli, consider using it in a stir-fry where so many other tastes are present.

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